Dog ownership in the United States has increased dramatically over the past two years. While it may be tempting to feed your four-legged family member cheaper, traditional dog food, science has shown dogs thrive with a diet of natural, protein rich ingredients.

Formulated specifically for a dog's health and digestive needs, healthy dog food brands offer all natural ingredients that are packed with high quality protein and nutrients. Because filler ingredients like corn and wheat are given the boot in these all-natural dog food recipes, dogs are able to digest their meals more easily, avoid unnecessary weight gain, prevent teeth and gum issues, and alleviate skin irritation. Most importantly, dogs love the taste of fresh, nutritional food that's designed to keep them active and happy.

There are tons of high quality dog food options out there, and picking the right one for your dog can be a confusing experience. We have selected four of our current top-rated natural dog food brands that are highly recommended by dog owners. Each one takes a different approach to their custom recipes and core philosophies, but they all share the same underlying goal: provide fresh, healthy, and nutritious food that dogs will love.

  • KetoNatural Pet Foods

    Keto Natural is obsessed with creating protein-packed foods with minimal carbs. Their daily meal kibble helps your dog reach and maintain optimal health and physical comfort.

  • Chippin

    Kibble and treats made of nutrient-rich alternative protein sources, Chippin provides healthy and delicious dog food with a much lower carbon footprint than other brands.

  • Ollie

    Ollie creates tailored meal plans based on your dog's profile. High protein, scrumptious recipes are shipped directly to your door in precise, portion control containers.

  • Raw Paws Pet Food

    Mirroring your dog's natural, species-appropriate diet, Raw Paws provides complete meals that are purely meat, bone, and organ with no additional fillers or additives.

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Bag of Ketona Chicken Recipe Dry Dog Food for adult dogs

KetoNatural Pet Foods

Ketona believes that Keto is a dog's a natural diet. By eliminating the vast majority of unhealthy, filling carbohydrates from a dog's daily food and replacing it with more natural animal protein, dogs will have healthier, more active, and live longer lives.

Ketona offers the same nutrition as premium raw delivery services but at a fraction of the cost and without the hassle. By cutting out carbs and using more rich animal proteins than any other premium brand, Ketona's kibble optimizes blood sugar levels, keeps dogs lean and strong by burning more fat instead of storing it on their bodies, and can even reduce itching and inflammation for dogs with sensitive skin.

Keto Natural Main Proteins

  • Chicken
  • Salmon

Made in the USA, both of Ketona's two dog food recipes are similar to a raw-ingredient diet without the additional cost or hassle. The Ketona Chicken Recipe Dog Food main ingredient is chicken raised in the United States and the Ketona Salmon Recipe Dog Food main ingredient is salmon sourced from Chile.

With over 46% animal protein in both recipes and less than 6% carbohydrates, Ketona cuts out the fillers like corn, wheat, soy, and potato. Modeling a dog's natural diet of healthy fats and protein, Ketona dog food is balanced for optimal nutrition.

Keto Natural Shopping Options

  • Subscription
  • Amazon (for one-time purchases of small size kibble bags)

Ketona is subscription-only and not available in retail stores. You can set your custom refill frequency yourself or answer a few questions about your dog to let Ketona determine the ideal delivery schedule. You can cancel your subscription at any time and get a 100% refund if your dog isn't happy with your purchase.

If subscriptions aren't for you, Ketona also sells 4.2lb bags of their salmon and chicken recipes on Amazon. Both recipes are sold officially by Ketona, not resellers, so you can feel secure knowing you're getting the same quality product from a trusted source.

Keto Natural Key Takeaways

  • Recipes that are packed with healthy animal protein and less than 5% carbohydrates
  • As nutritious as a raw food diet without the messy prep and higher cost
  • Natural ingredients reduce itching and skin inflammation in sensetive dogs while building strong, lean muscles
  • Delivered right to your front door on a schedule that ensures your dog will never run out of food
  • Money-back guarantee after your first month if your dog doesn't love Ketona dry kibble

How to Buy Ketona Dog Food

Set up your subscription at the KetonaNatural website, or you can buy 4.5lb individual bags of the chicken and salmon kibble recipes at Amazon through the Ketona Store.

A $20 Off Coupon Code is available to use when shopping at KetoNatural Pet Foods.

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Bag of Chippin Silver Carp Daily Food for dogs


Chippin offers high quality, healthy dog food that requires 80% fewer resources to manufacture than most commercial dog foods. Using alternative protein sources in their oven-baked daily food and treats, Chippin packs their recepies full of Omega 3s, rich protein, and healthy amino acids while maintaining a much smaller carbon foot(paw)print. Chippin believes in "chipping in" to help save our home planet.

Chippin Main Proteins

  • Silver Carp
  • Cricket

Wild-caught silver carp, the main ingredient in Chippin's daily dog food, is flavorful, easy to digest, and has zero fishy smell. Unlike tuna, silver carp does not accumulate toxic heavy metals such as mercury. Silver carp is a light fish sourced from the Great Lakes by local fishermen, offering the additional benefit of restoring biodiversity to the region.

Used in Chippin's dog treats, cricket protein may seem like an unusual protein source for dog food, but it offers huge benefits while also tasting delicious. It takes 1 gallon of water to create 1 pound of cricket protein, while 1 pound of beef protein consumes upwards of 2,000 gallons of water! Cricket protein is antibiotic free, human-grade, and hypoallergenic. Chippin's variety of treats are all-natural, full of omega 3s, and supports gut health for all dogs.

Chippin Shopping Options

  • Subscription
  • One-time purchase
  • Trial

After answering a few questions to best determine your dog's unique needs, you can choose a daily food subscription and set a custom delivery schedule. If you want to let your dog try before committing to a subscription, you also have the option of making a one-time purchase or selecting a 3.5lb trial pack of Chippin Silver Carp Daily Food. Selecting the subscription option will automatically take 20% off your order total.

Chippin Key Takeaways

  • 2 times the omega 3s compared to traditional pet foods
  • Packed with essential vitamins and nutrients
  • Locally sourced silver carp and cricket proteins promote gut health and are easy to digest
  • Delicious daily food and treats with minimal carbon footprint while restoring biodiversity to the Great Lakes region
  • Satisfaction guaranteed with full refund if your dog doesn't love Chippin daily dog food

How to Buy Chippin Dog Food

Buy online at, or at select pet stores around the United States using the store locator.

A 35% Off Coupon Code is available to use when shopping at Chippin.

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Container of Ollie Fresh Turkey Recipe for dogs


Ollie is all about feeding your dog fresh, healthy dog food with maximum convenience (for you). Ollie asks you to complete a profile for your dog focusing on age, weight, breed, allergies, and activity level, then creates a custom meal plan best suited for your pup.

Ollie uses all natural ingredients and fresh meats, gently cooked and packaged in portioned containers sealed air-tight for freshness. Your dog's meals are delivered right to your front door, and can be tossed in the freezer until ready to be thawed and served. Your dog gets to eat delicious, healthy food and all you have to do is serve it in her bowl.

Ollie Main Proteins

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Lamb

Ollie offers four fresh food recipes, each crafted with input from veterinarians. Ollie's most popular recipe, beef, is protein packed and full of nutrients with zero filler. Ollie's chicken and turkey recipes are leaner proteins designed for balanced nutrition, hearth health, and muscle growth. For the more adventurous, Ollie's lamb recipe is nutrient-dense and ideal for dogs with allergies.

All of Ollie's recipes take advantage of healthy ingredients like kale, butternut squash, carrots, and peas to pack in even more essential vitamins and minerals.

Ollie Shopping Options

  • Subscription meal plan

The only way to enjoy Ollie's fresh dog food recipes is directly from the source. To ensure your dog is getting the best meal plan designed for her, Ollie requests you fill out a quiz about your dog to determine which recipes and portions are the ideal fit for your canine.

Ollie will recommend recipes and a delivery schedule, but you can tweak the details yourself as much as you like. Once you're happy with the meal plan and schedule, Ollie will prepare your dogs food and ship it fresh right to your door. Your dog's food is sealed for absolute freshness and in preset portions to ensure your dog is getting all the delicious nutrition she needs while also maintaining her ideal weight.

You can change or cancel your Ollie subscription at any time. If you and your pup are planning to take a trip, you can easily pause your subscription and resume it when you're back home.

Ollie Key Takeaways

  • Fresh, healthy food your dog can enjoy, convenience and peace of mind for you
  • Four protein-rich recipes to choose from, all packed with quality ingredients and nutritionally balanced
  • A flexible subscription meal plan that's tailored to your dog's specific health and tastes
  • Delivered fresh to your door in custom containers that can be stored in the freezer and thawed ahead of meal time

How to Buy Ollie Dog Food

Ollie dog food is available only by subscription from the official Ollie website.

A 60% Off Coupon is available to use when shopping at Ollie.

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Chub of Raw Paws Beef Signature Blend food for dogs

Raw Paws Pet Food

Raw Paws is a small, family-owned business that provides fresh, raw-meat meals sourced from local, small family farms or are wild-caught. With raw feeding, you're mirroring your dog's species-appropriate natural diet, helping him obtain optimal health, energy levels, and weight.

Raw feeding may seem scary at first, which is why Raw Paws has trained specialists to help you find the transition plan that's right for your dog. Dogs can safely handle a higher bacterial load than humans due to their antibacterial saliva, shorter digestive tract, and extremely acidic stomach that prevents bacteria from colonizing.

Raw Paws offers many different feeding options, but their signature complete blends are highly recommended by dog owners. Packed with protein and essential nutrients, Raw Paws signature blends are 80% meat, 10% organ, and 10% bone, making for a well-rounded and complete meal.

Raw Paws food is made in small batches weekly and shipped in eco-friendly coolers packed with dry ice to maintain ideal temperature.

Raw Paws Main Proteins

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Plus: Duck, Turkey, Venison, Lamb

Raw Paws offers a wide range of meal options, with protein sources from farms in the state of Indiana. From wild caught venison to free-range cows and chickens, each blend provides a complete healthy diet full of nutrients and essential vitamins. Lamb, turkey, and duck offer leaner protein alternatives. You can also select signature meals blended with raw, organic vegetables for a popular, well-rounded raw feeding diet.

Raw Paws Shopping Options

  • Auto-ship delivery
  • One-time purchase
  • Month supply packages
  • Amazon

Raw Paws offer multiple ways to purchase their fresh meal options. From the Raw Paws website, you can make one-time purchases or set up an auto-delivery schedule for the meals your dog loves. Raw Paws also has preset month supply packages you can select based on the weight of your dog containing both beef and chicken signature blend chubs.

If you're an Amazon fan, Raw Paws sells a variety of treats and food plans from their official store page. You may not find everything available on Amazon however, so if you're looking for a specific signature blend, the Raw Paws website is your best bet.

Raw Paws Key Takeaways

  • High quality, locally sourced meats from ethical farms in Indiana
  • Raw foods mirror your dog's natural, species-appropriate diet
  • Signature blends are easy to manage and high in proteins, vitamins, and essential nutrients
  • A raw diet provides a wide range of health benefits for dogs (and they love the taste)
  • Trained specialists available to help you gradually transition your dog from a traditional kibble diet to a protein-rich raw food diet

How to Buy Raw Paws Pet Food

Buy online at the Raw Paws Pet Food website where you can select scheduled deliveries or make one-time purchases. Frozen items ship free when you spend $199. You can also purchase treats and select meals from the Raw Paws official store on Amazon.

A 10% Off Coupon Code is available to use when shopping at Raw Paws Pet Food.

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Healthy Dog Food vs. Traditional Dog Food

While pet ownership can be a fun and rewarding experience, it's important to remember dogs, like most pets, need plenty of attention, exercise, grooming, and food, just like their two-legged companions. As the science around dog food continues to evolve, it has become clear that traditional dog food is not the healthiest choice.

It may be an attractive option due to its cheaper price and availability, but most commercial dog foods are highly processed and packed with salt, sugar, and filler ingredients that have little nutritional benefit. Put simply, most commercial kibble and wet food is similar to feeding your dog fast food and potato every day.

Healthy dog food brands tout meat proteins that are human-grade (safe for humans to eat) as their first ingredient, meaning their beef, chicken, or fish makes up the majority of the recipe and is of top quality. In many commercial dog foods, their protein sources are listed much lower down the ingredient list, crowded out instead by unhealthy starches and grains. The quality of meat protein in these commercial recipes is also questionable: in order to cut down on costs, the animal meat used may be considered "4-D", as in dead animal meat, dying animal meat, diseased, or disabled. Your dog deserves so much better than this.

Healthy dog food brands usually cook their recipes at lower (but still very safe) temperatures to keep more minerals, vitamins, and essential nutrients intact for your dog to take advantage of. Commercial brands cook their food at higher temperatures for prolonged shelf life and rely on artificial nutrients to make up for the natural goodness that is burned off in production. These artificial additives are included so big dog food brands can label their products "complete" or "well-balanced," when they're nothing further from the truth.

Your dog's health can be significantly impacted by a diet of commercial kibble. Many dogs on a diet of traditional big brand food suffer from obesity, gut issues, skin irritation, and most sadly, shorter lives. The convenience and low cost of these dog foods are negligible benefits when compared to the long term health impacts they can have on dogs.

Seek out dog food brands that put an emphasis on ingredient quality, nutrition, and a true desire to help your dog live an active, healthy lifestyle.

Tips for Finding the Best Food for Your Dog

It seems like each day a new dog food brand shows up on the pet store shelf or in your social media feed. It's encouraging to see businesses and consumers recognizing the importance of healthy dog food, but as your dog's number one advocate, it's up to you to find the food that's best suited to your dog's health needs.

Your veterinarian is the best person to point you in the right direction. With their knowledge of your dog's health history, they may have the most accurate idea of what food is most suitable for your dog's age, breed, allergies, and activity level.

You can also find advice and suggestions from other dog owners online or in person. Be prepared for a lot of different answers and opinions, however. Everyone's dog is different, and while other people could have some good ideas, always consider your dog's own needs before making a decision.

When researching specific dog food brands, always look for the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) nutritional adequacy statement on the brand's website or food packaging.

While a dog food company may claim to be healthy and well-balanced for a dog's diet, the nutritional adequacy statement contains a wide range of key information. For example, the brand must state if their food meets or exceeds the proper amount of all recognized nutrients to satisfy the needs of a healthy dog's diet. The nutritional adequacy statement will also provide information regarding the food's life stage suitability, such as general maintenance or growth needs for more active dogs or puppies.

Here's to happy, healthy dogs!

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